Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TurboGears and ActiveGrid


TurboGears is a rapid web development framework written in Python. Using SQLObject, Kid and Cheerpy, it gains the development speed of Rails. I decided to give it a try. The joyful installation process is joyful. And the test wiki site starts instantly after I typed a simple command.

The features it provides can certainly fulfill the requirements of my hobby projects. However, just as Rails, I won't consider to use it in my daily work before I am sure it has the enterprise features I want and scales well.

Overall, it's a decent project.


ActiveGrid is another cool project I found recently. I actually downloaded the new 1.0 version and played with it for a while. The idea of using BPEL is very good. Instead of just helping you on writting code, ActiveGrid also provides necessary debugging and version control support in its ApplicationBuilder.

However, it does have some bugs, which is kind of annoying but understandable. It's still fairly new, anyway.


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