Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Install XPlanner 0.7 beta 1

I have been used xplanner 0.6.2 for about a year. And I am pretty happy about it. Yeah, I like this small XP tool.

Yesterday, I found there was a new beta release available. So I decide to give it a try. The release is called 0.7 beta 1. And two versions of binaries are available. The "Standalone" one includes Tomcat and HSQLDB and preconfigured. Another one includes ant and SQL scripts so that you can configured xplanner to use your database and deploy the final war to your web container. Since I already have Tomcat 5 and MySQL 4.1 installed, I decided to use the second version. The installation process is not smooth.

Problems I met in the installation process:
  1. There is NO install.txt file or Readme.txt file in the roor directory, which is supposed to be there.
  2. Since there is no document, I got confused by the two properties files located in WEB-INF\classes: and From tomcat's log, I figured out overrides the
  3. c3po just hung there and I had no idea what was going on. After really long time, the log showed that c3po could not get the connection. I guess it must be something related to my old xplanner db set up. So I dropped my old db and created new user and new db. Then the "install new" task finished successfully.

Besides the above problems, everything was ok. I copied the whole "xplanner" sub directory into tomcat's webapps folder and restarted my tomcat 5. After I fired my firefox and typed in http://localhost:8080/xplanner/, I saw the familiar Log in interface. :)

Two more things need to be mentioned:
  1. Since I am using xplanner at home, I believe it's better for me to change the following default connection pool configuration. It's way too many connctions for my own usage. :)
  2. The new version can automatically detects your locale, which is a nice feature. According to the xplanner's website, it supports 12 languages!
I got reply from Jacques Morel. He mentioned that the missing INSALL.txt file problem had been fixed for a few days. Looks like I was just unlucky to pick a sourceforge mirrow who has old files. :(


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