Thursday, May 05, 2005

How is the performance of PostgreSQL 8?

PostgreSQL 8.0 has been released for several months. How is its performance comparing with the famous "light weight database"- MySQL?

Historically, Mysql claims faster than PostgreSQL. How about now?

I found serveral interesting articles online.

PostgreSQL 8.0 vs. MySQL 4.1 (JDBC based benchmark focusing on OLTP)

The result shows that MySQL 4.1 is faster than PostgreSQL. However, I noticed:
  • The "fsync"option is turned on in PostgreSQL, which will surely bring the performance penalty.
  • It is actually a "JDBC driver + database query" performance testing.
PostgreSQL 8.0 vs. Firebird 1.5.1 vs. MySQL 5.1 on OLAP
PostgreSQL is faster than MySQL in the OLAP testing.

PostgreSQL 8.0 vs. 7.4
From the result of pqbench, we can clearly see the 8.0 version has been improved a lot.

It would be cool to see some benchmark report using OSDL's database test suite.

Compare diffrent databases


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